Stara Szkoła In Wysoka Wieś – Slow Food In The Woods

There are many places to chill out in the garden

I am in love with Mazury (Masurian Lake District) I can’t hide! I have been to many places, seen various villages, tried amazing foods there. When I thought that I had seen all the beauty, ate the best local specialties and nothing could surprise me, I went to Stara Szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś. “Stara […]

Glendoria – First Glamping In Poland – Holidays In Nature

Glendoria basen łąka meadow jacuzzi swimming ool camp spa

The first glamping spot in Poland With a little help of uncle Google we can find out that; “glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries” Bearing that in mind, Artur and Katarzyna, created the first glamping spot in Poland. Glendoria is a super […]

Masurian Lake District in Poland – Glamping, Camping and Backpacking Paradise

mazury masurian lake district warmia polska poland wioska wieś village east eastern europe backpacker glamping camping

This post included affiliate link(s). Read more in disclosure here. There is a peaceful land where time stops. Where you wake up to the sound of leaves dancing with the wind. Where you fall asleep hearing chortling frogs competing with chirping birds. Where before breakfast you go to your neighbour to get fresh milk and […]